The first step to astrophotography

„The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." (Eden Phillpotts, 1862-1960)


Aim of the page:

Astrophotography is an exciting and complex subject area, but getting started can be very confusing and often leaves beginners feeling resigned.
This homepage is aimed at anyone who wants to get started with astrophotography. All information is kept as short as possible, and should help beginners not to lose the overview.

In addition, under the menu point 'Tools' there is the possibility to display which telescope-camera combination is suitable for which observation object, and which eyepieces can be used for observation without a camera.

For those interested, there is a gallery of more than 2,500 images, which contains not only captures made by me, but also images of the complete amateur catalogs (including interesting object information). Most of the images have been created by amateur astrophotographers and may only be used with the listed copyright rights.

About me:

My name is Sebastian Täubert, I was born in 1982 and studied Mechatronics and Computational Engineering.
Even as a teenager, I was fascinated by celestial objects, so I started reading books on the formation of the universe and the objects it contains.

A few years ago I had the idea that I would like to observe and photograph these objects by myself. During the occupation with this topic it became clear to me what is possible with the today's technology, and that the observable objects can really be captured wonderfully digitally with a little effort. I would like to share this experience with you and hope you enjoy exploring this Astrobasic site. For hints, additions, questions, ... feel free to contact me via the given mail address.

Clear Skies