Electronic polar finder

Use of an electronic pole finder

According to the latest state of the art and by means of a somewhat larger investment, it is now possible to align a telescope with a camera electronically to the North celestial pole. This is positioned in the front part of the shaft of the pole finder.

Mount with attached electronic pole finder [https://www.astroshop.de]

PC program during adjustment with electronic pole finder [https://www.astroshop.de]


The camera shows on the connected PC the position of the northern celestial pole and the place to which the right ascension axis of the mount points. By adjusting the azimuthal and polar elevation screws, the two points are brought into alignment. Additionally, at low latitudes, atmospheric refraction is taken into account. [https://www.astroshop.de]

This variant has the advantage that it can be aligned quite accurately in a very simple way.